TEMPUR® Ostuni™ Split Back Sofa Bed


Now experience TEMPUR® comfort in your living room with the Ostuni 3 seater sofa. With a deep layer of our iconic TEMPUR® Material blended with contemporary Italian styling, multifunctionality and plush upholstery in a practical stain resistant fabric, this revolutionary sofa bed has it all.

Multifunctional furniture from TEMPUR®

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All measurements are approximate. Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 3cm.

Why is the TEMPUR® Ostuni Sofa different? Seats 3, sleeps 2.

Courtesy of its dual split back, click clack mechanisms the Ostuni is a sofa, lounger and double sofa bed rolled in to one But it does not end there. Thanks to a patented 3 point arm rest motion, you can also change the shape and look of your sofa as the occasion demands.

Beneath the durable plush stain resistant fabric upholstery there is a layer of iconic TEMPUR® Material delivering the same pressure relief, comfort and support you feel when sleeping on one of our mattresses. So, there is no need to compromise on comfort or style when, with Ostuni you can have both.

We want you to get the most out of your investment in a TEMPUR® sofa bed, so here are a few tips to help you:

DO use a mattress protector when your sofa is used for sleeping to help keep it clean

DO consider using castor cups beneath your sofa bed’s feet, especially if you have wooden floors to avoid damage

DO use the soft furnishing attachment/brush on your hoover when removing dust from your upholstery

DON’T sit on the arms of your sofa when they are in a raised position

DON’T sit directly on the top edge of the back cushions of your furniture when they are raised

DON’T force the click clack mechanisms, they will drop into each position as you move them

DON’T drag your furniture to move it. Lifting with two is better to avoid personal injury, damage to your floors and other furnishings especially if space is restricted

Accidents happen. The TEMPUR® Ostuni™ Sofa Bed and is upholstered in a 100% polyester stain resistant fabric.

  • In the event of a spillage it is vitally important to act quickly. Do not allow the spillage to remain and soak in.
  • Blot up the liquid as quickly as possible to prevent it being absorbed by the material.
  • Where possible use a clean lint free cloth with a neutral soap solution, and wipe in smooth gentle circular movements so as not to damage the fabric surface.
  • Do not scrub, it may make matters worse and cause the mark to become ingrained.

If you are unsuccessful, please seek advice from a professional cleaning service. TEMPUR® does not accept responsibility for any additional costs.

We think it is import you should know:

This article does not include a Schedule 3 interliner.

Filling materials and covering fabrics meet the

requirements for resistance to cigarette and

match ignition in the 1988 safety regulations.


Fire Resistant Label

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