Meet TEMPUR®’s sleep specialist and sleep counsellor Thomas Høegh Reisenhus

Thomas Høegh

Thomas Høegh Reisenhus has been working with TEMPUR® since 2007, in the Dan-Foam factory based in Denmark. Dan-Foam is where TEMPUR® products have been manufactured and put under 67 vigorous quality tests and has been operating since 1959.

In 2018, Thomas became a trained sleep counsellor, acquiring deep knowledge of how sleep hygiene, diet, exercise and general lifestyle impact sleep, and how to help and guide people who experience sleep problems.

Thomas has been working with the development of TEMPUR® mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories with the goal of creating the optimal sleep conditions in terms of producing pressure relief, comfort, support and microclimate.

Throughout the years, Thomas has worked with leading universities, hospitals, elite athletes and sleep experts in order to continuously expand his knowledge within the area of sleep and to get a better understanding of how sleep conditions and sleep environment impact sleep quality, restitution, performance and health.