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Photography by Josef Vaishar

TEMPUR® proudly sponsors DROPS women’s road cycling team.

Premium mattress and pillow brand, TEMPUR®, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with women’s road cycling team DROPS Le Col for the 2021 season.

The partnership demonstrates TEMPUR®’s commitment to supporting athletes and unites the brand within the cycling space in particular, also building a successful relationship with track cyclist and Olympic medallist, Callum Skinner.

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Photography by Le Col
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Photography by Loetie Photography

Dedicated to improving the sleep experience worldwide, TEMPUR® has provided DROPS Le Col riders with mattresses and pillows to help boost rest and recovery at home. The promising team of young riders have been taking TEMPUR® products on the road to help enhance performance during the all-important tour dates. The riders have taken part in a sleep survey and the findings show that riders fell asleep 34% faster sleeping on TEMPUR® and also woke up 40% less during the night.*

Supported by TEMPUR®, DROPS LE COL, is a team that strives to compete at the very highest level. The goal is to take the team to the UCI Women’s World Tour by 2022; the very highest level of Women’s professional cycling.

TEMPUR® provided mattresses and pillows to suit each individual rider’s needs whilst on the road. Alice found that her sleep comfort increased by 27%. Similarly, Joss fell asleep 69.7% faster, using TEMPUR® products*. The sleep survey results established that the riders experienced a 25% increase in comfort sleeping on TEMPUR® and also the riders woke up 40% less.*

Get to know our riders Joss and Alice, listen to their experiences using TEMPUR®

DROPS Le Col Team Director Bob Varney says:

“Our vision for the future remains ambitious; to make our mark on the sport at the very highest level and to inspire others in everything that we do. The support from Le Col and TEMPUR® ensures our riders have both the highest quality performance kit on the bike and the highest quality support off the bike. Our collective thoughts are focused on building these exciting partnerships further to gain world tour status in 2022.”

Tobin James, Vice President TEMPUR® Northern Europe adds:

“We are delighted to be a part of the DROPS Le Col journey for this very exciting season. We are passionate about cycling not only as a sport, but as a sustainable way of travelling and improving health and wellbeing. TEMPUR® products will help the riders sleep better, longer, deeper, and we feel privileged to be able to do our bit in promoting women’s cycling and women’s sport more generally. With consistent wins and huge potential, DROPS Le Col’s vision for the future is both compelling and motivating, and we are looking forward to accompanying the team on the road to the world tour.”

cycling team
Photography by Rhode Van Elsen

*based on a sleep study, research conducted in the UK with 12 cyclists from February 2021 to March 2021.