We're so confident that TEMPUR® pillows will give your head and neck the support so essential for a great night’s sleep that we're willing to let you try one in your own home for a full 30 nights.

Available in either a classic or ergonomic design, there are 9 different models to choose from: 3 ergonomics produced in different heights to meet the needs of different sized sleepers; 3 traditional rectangular options with different feels, namely Cloud, Original and Traditional, and another 2 shaped supportive pillows, the Symphony and the Ombracio, a favourite with abdominal sleepers. In addition to the above we also off the best in both natural and modern fillings - the TEMPUR® Down Luxe, a pillow where the luxurious softness of premium down feathers meets the comforting support of TEMPUR® Material.

Here's more info about how it all works:

  1. Buy a standard sized TEMPUR® pillow direct from us via this website.
  2. We'll deliver to your nominated address.
  3. Sleep on your new pillow for 30 nights to get used to the amazing comfort and support it offers. (In taking part in a home trial you agreed to keep your pillow for a minimum of 14 nights to adapt to the unique feel of TEMPUR®.)
  4. If you're not happy, contact us! Our Customer Service team will work with you to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.


A few things to note should you change your mind

  • Your trial begins the day after your pillow has been delivered and is for 30 consecutive nights only.
  • If, after 30 nights we can't find a way to make you happy, let us know during but not later than the end of first day immediately after your 30 night trial has ended. We'll take the pillow back and reimburse your purchase price.
  • During your 30 night trial, we ask that you retain all packaging until it has been completed. If you change your mind you will need it to send your pillow back to us.
  • Returns are FREE provided you notify us via our online returns request form and use the freepost label which we will provide you.
  • Please note: should you undertake to return the item by another means we will not be able to reimburse you for any costs which you may incur.

Terms & Conditions - the basics

For full details please see our Terms & Conditions*, but here are some key points to be aware of:

  • This trial is available only for orders placed directly with TEMPUR UK Ltd.
  • Only one pillow trial is available per household/delivery address. (See Terms & Conditions, Clause 14).
  • In taking part in this trial you agree to use a pillow case or protector to prevent your pillow becoming unnecessarily stained or soiled. If you do not already own one, TEMPUR-FIT™ Pillowcases or Delis Pillow Protectors are available for purchase from uk.tempur.com. If, when ordering your pillow you choose to buy a pillowcase direct from us for the duration of the trial, the value paid will also be refunded in the event that you return both items to us.
  • IMPORTANT: This trial will only apply to any standard sized pillow listed on this website. Mini pillows, support cushions, travel products, all accessories and, unless indicated against the item concerned, pillows listed in Special Offers, do not form part of this offer.
  • OUTLET REFURBISHED PILLOWS: Pillows listed in this category have a 14 night home trial only. Separate terms and conditions apply.

*Terms and conditions for orders made via a stockist may vary.