The smart response to snoring

Introducing our smartest bed ever - the TEMPUR Ergo Smart Base. An innovative adjustable bed system that senses micro-vibrations from snoring and automatically raises your head end of the bed 12 degrees, elevating your upper body. A position to help minimise snoring for the restful night you deserve.

Experience your most restful sleep
with our smartest bed ever

  Personalised sleep in the palm of your hand

Discover the power of intelligent sleep technology and advanced and accurate analytics with the TEMPUR Ergo Smart Base. Via an easy-to-use app, it offers you customised insights and coaching to help you get more out of your sleep than ever before.

The TEMPUR ERGO Smart Base uses advanced technology to suit your lifestyle when you are awake. It is fully adjustable, elevating your comfort. So you can find your most suitable position in bed for relaxing, reading or watching TV - all at the touch of a button.

The TEMPUR Ergo Smart Base is compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to adjust your bed and access personalised sleep insights with simple voice commands.


Zero Gravity Pre-set

With the press of a button, elevate your head and feet to a position to help simulate circulation and provide a feeling of weightlessness, enhanced by the outstanding pressure relieving properties of a TEMPUR® mattress.

Head Foot Lift

Take complete control of your sleeping space, with a wide variety of head and foot lift positions, for sitting, reading, working or watching TV.


Underbed Light

Navigate your bedroom at night without tripping or disturbing your partner with discreet LED underbed lighting, easily activated with your wireless remote.

USB Port

Recharge your device while you recharge your body with USB ports on the side of the base.

Wireless remote with Pre-sets

Control your base with a wireless remote, which includes one-touch pre-set buttons and backlit, soft-touch function keys so you can adjust in the dark.

Two Zone Massage

Relax and unwind with a soothing two-zone massage, one zone at the head and one zone at the feet with three levels of intensity.

Sleep Coaching


Sleep Report

Each morning, you'll wake up to a personalized sleep report that will help you understand your stages of light sleep, deep sleep and REM, and potentially time spent awake. You'll even see how your heart and breathing rates changed through the night. You also have access to this data over time.

Sleep Insights

The TEMPUR® Sleeptracker® monitor leverages algorithms that analyse historical data from millions of nights of sleep to provide you personalized sleep strategies in an easy-to-use app. This enables the sleep coach to put your personalized sleep data into context and provide valuable, data-driven analysis and insights.

Sleep Cycle Alarm

The TEMPUR® Sleeptracker® app features a smart wake up alarm designed to trigger when your lightest phase of sleep has been identified. When using a TEMPUR Ergo Smart Base, the smart alarm feature offers your choice of wake-up music or vibrations to be set within a selected window of time. Note - the sleep cycle alarm won't work if your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

Bedroom Environment Insights

Learn more about the environment you're sleeping in. There are conditions that are advantageous for true, restful sleep. Your nightly and 7-Day reports show you the temperature, humidity, air purity, and carbon dioxide level near the bed. And the app puts each measurement into your reports on a graph showing the most desirable range. You may learn that your bedroom temperature or humidity should change to improve your Sleep Quality Metric.


To enjoy the benefits of our advanced smart bases, download the companion app TEMPUR® Sleeptracker®. The app is available in iOS and Android and can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Three ways to download:

1.Follow the QR code from the “Let's get started” card.

2.Go to URL:

3.Install TEMPUR® Sleeptracker® from Apple App Store or Google Play