Classic Pillows

These traditionally shaped TEMPUR® pillows have huggable shapeable qualities to enable your head to be comfortable whether you sleep on your back, front or side. Available in soft, medium and firm feels, if you are not sure which one is right for you, take our 30 night pillow trial. Delivery and returns are FREE to Mainland UK. Love it or send it back!

We have 1 products to choose from
We have 1 products to choose from
We have 1 products to choose from
Front Back Side
3 Year Guarantee
Huggable and shapeable to suit you
Filled with TEMPUR® firm micro-cushions
100% cotton cover, washable at 60°C
Fits a standard pillow case
From £99.00
How to find the right classic shapped pillow?

Your pillow is just as important as the rest of your bed, but it is often forgotten. Where and how you rest your head is critical to the quality of your sleep. If your head, neck and shoulders are not aligned and comfortable, you are unlikely to achieve restful sleep.

Because everyone's body shape and size is unique, the amount of support we each prefer for our head varies immensly. TEMPUR® classic pillows not only come in different feels, they also filled with tiny TEMPUR® micro-cushions so you can fluff and puff them any way you like. The more you fluff and shake them out the better they perform.

Also, nothing works better with a TEMPUR® mattress than the right TEMPUR® pillow.

Why choose a TEMPUR® pillow?

There are many different pillow fillings on the market but there is only one TEMPUR® – the original viscoelastic material developed by NASA to cushion astronauts during lift off and certified by the Space Foundation.

TEMPUR® Sleep Scientists take their pillows as seriously as they do their TEMPUR® mattresses. Quickly realising that everyone is unique, they developed a wide range of bed pillows to meet different personal sleeping requirements.

From classic rectangular, loose filled pillow cushions to ergonomic moulded pillows, all TEMPUR® pillows are filled only with pressure relieving TEMPUR® Material. Our pillows are feather-free. All are designed to offer optimal head and neck support, so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How many TEMPUR® pillows should I sleep with?

When you have decided on the TEMPUR® pillow which best matches your sleeping habits and comfort requirements, you may well be wondering how many pillows you think you need? Many people opt for two, however no hard and fast advice exists. At TEMPUR®we suggest initially you go for one. It may take your posture a few nights to adjust, but eventually you should begin to experience the pressure-relieving benefits synonymous with TEMPUR® Material and enjoy quality sleep.

Not sure if a TEMPUR® Pillow is right for you? Take our 30 Night Pillow Home Trial

We are so confident you will love your TEMPUR® pillow that we are willing to let you try one in your own home for 30 Nights. Delivery and returns are also FREE, so what have you got to lose? Love it or send it back.

How do you care for a TEMPUR® pillow?

All full sized TEMPUR® pillows have have removable washable covers at 60C. Full instructions are on the care label stitched inside. While your have pillow cover is in the wash, a spare may come in handy so you can continue to get quality sleep. We have extra covers available if you wish to order one.

Cover washing aside, our to TEMPUR® Original Ergonomic Pillows require no maintenance other than the sleeper uses them positioned with the deeper ridge tucked into their neck to aid spine alignment.

Our classic rectangular shaped loose filled pillows such as the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Cloud and TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original are also easy to maintain. Simply shake, fluff and puff daily, just before you put your head down to sleep for maximum comfort.

For a final finishing touch, view our range of luxury linen pillow cases. Made from 100% knitted soft jersey cotton, just wash, dry and use. No ironing is required - what could be easier?

Are TEMPUR® pillows guaranteed?

Our products are designed to last. We make them ourselves at our production plant based in Denmark. This why all our standard sized pillows come with an extended 3 year quality guarantee.