Outlet Ergonomic Pillows

Uniquely shaped to follow the natural curve of your body, ergonomic pillows are designed to align your spine for comforting head and neck support. Many of our pillows come with a removable washable cover to help keep you keep your bedding nice and fresh. We also offer a 30 night pillow trial so can make sure the pillow you choose is right for you.

We have 1 products to choose from


We have 1 products to choose from
We have 1 products to choose from
Back Side
3 Year Guarantee
Dual sided contoured shape
Formed from medium soft TEMPUR® Material
Soft fabric cover, washable at 60°C
Clinically proven to reduce neck pain
From £89.00
Spring Sale Now On!
Delivery 7-14 days
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Pillow & Accessory Specials: Comfort matters, and the little things in life can make all the difference. Keep checking this section for exclusive offers on smaller TEMPUR® products. And don't worry, unless stated otherwise, all products listed here are still covered by the extended TEMPUR® Quality Guarantee.