Home Office

Most houses have space designated as the home office, because working from home is now the norm for so many. Like a great night’s sleep, comfort at your desk is equally important. At TEMPUR® we have developed a range of pressure relieving seat, back and lumbar cushions, each designed to make your office chair both comfortable and supportive. Delivery and returns are FREE to Mainland UK. Love it or send it back!

We have 2 products to choose from


Accessory Type
We have 2 products to choose from
We have 2 products to choose from
Handy portable back cushion
Shaped from supportive TEMPUR® Material
Blue fabric zip off cover, washable at 60°C
From £59.00
Height adjustable back cushion
Shaped from supportive TEMPUR® Material
Blue fabric zip off cover, washable at 60°C
*For eligible customers only
From £69.00
Caring for your back

Personal back care is a 24-hour job, but it is often neglected, especially while we are up, going about our daily business. We may not realise it but most of us do spend a lot of our waking lives sitting down. While we are seated, it is vital we pay attention to supporting our back, lumbar region and bottom in comfort. Not only does this help our posture, it aids our concentration too. Some years ago, the TEMPUR® Research and Development team realised that TEMPUR® Material was not only good for sleeping on, it could also be engineering into portable support cushions for daily use both at work and in the home office.

Lumbar Support Cushions

Home office chairs and their users come in many shapes and sizes, which is why the TEMPUR® Lumbar Support is height adjustable. It is the ideal back support for your office chair as it can be secured in position with an adjustable strap, so you can position it exactly where you need pressure relief and support the most. We also offer a handy portable version in a transit lumbar support cushion for use such as in the car, train or plane.

Seat Support Cushions

TEMPUR® Designers recognised we sit in more than one position, so they have produced two different styles of seat cushion to make sitting for long periods more comfortable

The ergonomically styled TEMPUR® Seat cushion can be used on any chair, including office chairs. By distributing your weight more evenly it reduces the sensation of numbness. It also works perfectly with back support provided by the TEMPUR®Lumbar Support for enhanced pressure relief.

The triangular shape of TEMPUR® Seat Wedge aids posture by pushing the pelvis forwards to bring the sitter in to a more upright position. It is a favourite with computer users.

Other things to know:

All TEMPUR® Home Office and Back Care products have zip-off removable covers, washable at 60C, and come with a 3 year manufacturer’s quality guarantee.