TEMPUR® Sensation Mattresses

Our firmest collection. Cleverly engineered layers of TEMPUR® Material with Dynamic Support Technology create the sensation of 'bounce', but without springs, for supreme comfort and pressure relieving support. Plus TEMPUR® Sensation Mattresses are easy to maintain. They are 'no turn' and come with removable covers, washable up to 60°C.

Be sure to add your bonus TEMPUR® Mattress Protector worth up to £149* to your cart after you select your mattress. LEARN MORE >

*Based on super king sizes.

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What's inside a TEMPUR® Sensation mattress?
TEMPUR® Sensation Supreme

While TEMPUR® Material lightly conforms to your body to relieve pressure points, TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Technology guarantees ease of movement and full body support. The Supreme has a fully removable cover, washable at up to 60°C.

TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Depth: 2cm
TEMPUR® Support Material
  • Depth: 4cm
Dynamic Support Technology
  • Depth: 4cm
DuraBase Technology
  • Depth: 11cm
TEMPUR® Sensation Elite

More TEMPUR® Comfort Material and deeper layers of support, with the added advantage of a QuickRefresh cover, easily unzipped for washing at up to 60°C.

TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Depth: 7cm
Dynamic Support Technology
  • Depth: 4cm
DuraBase Technology
  • Depth: 14cm
TEMPUR® Sensation Luxe

Experience luxurious layers of comfort which generously conform to your body providing maximum support, all encased in a QuickRefresh cover, easily unzipped for washing easily unzipped for washing at up to 60°C.

TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • Depth: 7cm
Dynamic Support Technology
  • Depth: 8cm
DuraBase Technology
  • Depth: 7.25cm
DuraBase Technology
  • Depth: 7.25cm
  • *The Sensation Luxe is 30cm deep including the QuickRefresh Cover

  • The TEMPUR® Sensation Collection provides 'bounce' resembling the familiar feel of springs in a supportive, firm feel
  • Features Dynamic Support and Durabase Technology combined with the original TEMPUR® Comfort Material
  • 10 year guarantee on all TEMPUR® Sensation Mattresses
  • TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress depths are: Supreme 21cm, Elite 25cm and Luxe 30cm
  • Available online in all UK standard sizes
  • Minimal maintenance, no turning over required
  • Can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustable or standard frames with slats or divans with platform tops
  • Supreme Mattresses: soft white fabric cover is removable for airing or washing at 60°C
  • Elite and Luxe Mattresses: QuickRefresh soft fabric top cover is easily unzipped for airing or washing at 60°C
  • Elite and Luxe Mattresses: other layers of the soft fabric cover, including the grey side panels and white under layer, are also removable for airing or washing at 60°C
  • Made in Denmark

All measurements are approximate. Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm.

Hints, Tips and Recommendations

  • Ultra-thin, cooling TEMPUR® Mattress Protector recommended to keep your bed fresh and clean (optional)
  • Luxury soft jersey cotton TEMPUR-FIT Fitted Sheets also available (optional)
  • Coordinating pillows also available to complete the look and feel of the mattress (optional)
  • Spare or replacement covers may be ordered, please contact us directly for a quotation
  • As part of our home delivery service, this item will be unwrapped and placed on your bed base

Should you need it, here are some facts figures, plus the sizes and weights of all the models in the TEMPUR® Sensation Collection so you can be sure you've made the right decision:


All mattress measurements are approximate. Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm.
TEMPUR® mattress weight capacity is approximately 150kg per side (23 stone).

Should you need it, here are some facts figures, plus the sizes and weights of all the models in the TEMPUR® Sensation Collection so you can be sure you've made the right decision:

Approximate Weight In Kgs (Unboxed)
Standard sizes Single 90cm x 190cm 23.07kg 26.92kg 29.61kg
Double 135cm x 190cm 33.98kg 39.88kg 43.60kg
King Size 150cm x 200cm 39.42kg 46.66kg 50.60kg
Super King 180cm x 200cm 47.15kg 55.22kg 60.36kg
Special single sizes mainly used on
adjustable bed bases
Small Single 75cm x 200cm 20.14kg 23.50kg 26.28kg
Long Single 90cm x 200cm 24.20kg 28.22kg 31.15kg
Special sizes mainly used on
adjustables, European or American
sized bed bases
Small Double 120cm x 190cm 30.38kg 35.40kg 38.94kg
Long Small Double 120cm x 200cm 31.86kg 37.16kg 40.92kg
Long Double 135cm x 200cm 35.64kg 41.86kg 45.82kg
Euro King 160cm x 200cm 42.12kg 49.54kg 53.98kg

All mattress measurements are approximate. Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm.
TEMPUR® mattress weight capacity is approximately 150kg per side (23 stone).



If you've only ever had a spring mattress but would like to experience the comfort and support which TEMPUR® is famous for, then a TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress is perfect for you. The mattresses in the TEMPUR® Sensation Collection incorporate cleverly engineered Dynamic Base Technologies aimed at delivering more 'bounce' than you get with a typical TEMPUR® mattress in a firm feel.


Combine the feel of traditional springing with a layer of luxurious TEMPUR® Comfort Material, all encased in a soft quilted cover, and you have mattresses which deliver the best of both worlds with supreme comfort and pressure relieving support for a restful night's sleep.


To make sleep even sweeter TEMPUR® Sensation Mattresses have the added benefits of removable covers, washable at 60°C, and are low maintenance because there is no need to flip or turn them over.


Available in 3 ranges: Supreme (21cm deep), Elite (25cm deep) and Luxe (30cm deep) and 10 sizes including standard single, double, king and super king.


The one thing that all conventional (spring, waterbed, foam) mattresses have in common is that they force the user to conform to them. With TEMPUR®, the mattress actually conforms to the body.

Engineered to conform to your body shape, when you lay on a TEMPUR® mattress, not only will you experience pressure relieving properties, but also support where you need it for true, restful sleep.

YES! With our 100 night trial you can try out a TEMPUR® mattress from any of our current collections listed online with the exception of products found in the Outlet section. (Unless indicated otherwise, mattresses listed in Outlet are excluded from our extended home trial.) We are confident you will love your new bed, but if you change your mind, simply get in touch and we will arrange to collect your order from you. Currently returns from a UK Mainland address are free, In the event this service is chargeable, the cost would be £72.00. We recommend you retain both your packaging and old mattress until you are certain TEMPUR® is the right sleep solution for you. Please see our Returns Policy for further details.

No, in fact the TEMPUR® mattress should never be turned.

One of the advantages of owning a TEMPUR® mattress from our current collections* is that most models have removable washable covers. You can unzip, remove and machine wash the whole cover at up to either 40°C or 60°C depending on the mattress you have chosen. (This task is easier with two people.) In addition our Elite and Luxe models have been designed with QuickRefresh tops. This means you only need unzip, remove and wash the top layer which you directly sleep on. It is important when you launder your mattress cover that you always follow the manufacturer's instructions which can be found on a label stitched inside.

Should you wish to purchase a replacement or spare cover for your mattress in the future, please contact us for a quotation. We will need to know the exact model and size you purchased to ensure you receive the correct one. We also recommend the use of a TEMPUR® Mattress Protector to keep your bed nice and fresh.

*Because we are always looking to improve our products, TEMPUR® owners of older models including those with Soft-Touch covers, should check the care instructions of their mattress carefully. Some models such as the TEMPUR® Celebrity 31 could have covers which cannot be removed or washed. For Soft-Touch models with a QuickRefresh removable top, please note this is only for airing your mattress. It may not be laundered.

As a general rule of thumb, if your mattress has TEMPUR® Material embedded or quilted into the cover (this applies to the majority of older 'Deluxe' models and all Soft-Touch models,) while it may be removed for airing, it is not washable. Any subsequent washing will invalidate your guarantee.

If you are not sure, please call us on 0800 0111 083 during regular office hours for further advice. You may also find some use hints and tips on our Caring for TEMPUR® page.

We would not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR® mattress as the mattress works best with your natural body heat, so you may not feel the optimum support if an electric blanket is used. However, if you would still prefer to use an electric blanket, we would suggest an over blanket rather than an under blanket. An over blanket will be perfectly safe to use. Please ensure it is not more than 10 years old and in proper working order.

The TEMPUR® pressure relieving material is composed of billions of viscoelastic spherical shaped, open cells. The cells respond to your body temperature and weight then shift and re-organise their position to mould to the exact contours of your body. It becomes softer in warmer areas (where your body is making the most contact with the surface) and remains firmer in cooler areas (where less body contact is being made). Due to the removal of pressure, blood is able to flow freely throughout the night, making you toss and turn less - in other words - you get a better night's sleep.

We get this question often, but in fact, sleeping warm on a TEMPUR® mattress is not an issue that our owners raise frequently. Our mattresses are designed to respond to your body temperature, which activates their ability to conform to your body, offering support and reducing pressure points. It is worth noting that with the improved support and reduced pressure points on your body, sleeping on our mattresses can help increase circulation, so you may find you need lighter bedding. If you feel warmer, try using a lower tog duvet, breathable bedding and keep your room well ventilated.

At the heart of each mattress and pillow we create is our iconic TEMPUR® Material, born from NASA technology. In the late 60s, NASA scientists invented a completely new material that was then used onboard the Space Shuttles. Our founders realized the material’s unique potential. So they took that original NASA invention and spent years perfecting it into TEMPUR® Material and created the world’s first viscoelastic mattress and pillow.

First proving its value in the healthcare sector, TEMPUR® is now found in bedrooms around the world, transforming the sleep of millions. It’s why we’re the only mattress and pillow brand recognised by NASA for improving the quality of life. This honour sets us apart, keeps us humble and inspires us to continually innovate, for sleep that’s out of this world - and it all started with those original NASA scientists.

1. One of the most reliable indicators of a mattress's comfort is the frequency of night time body position changes - tossing and turning. The fewer times you move, the better sleep you have.

2. Many people believe that waterbeds give you almost perfect support by allowing your body to ‘float’ in a natural position. In fact, due to displacement the waterbed creates what experts call the “hammock effect.” This is an unnatural and unhealthy curve of the spine resulting from improper support. The TEMPUR® mattress allows your spine to rest in its natural position, giving you optimum sleeping posture and comfort.

3. Fully sprung mattresses covered by quilted thickly padded ticking mean you are lying on row after row of coiled sprung metal. This often creates pressure points that can cause painful joints and an aching back. The viscoelastic material in the TEMPUR® mattress moulds to your body, adjusting to your body weight, and distributing it evenly, reducing pressure and providing maximum support. Our TEMPUR® Hybrid Collection incorporates Precision Micro Coils in the base layer for those customers who prefer a faster response, but want the benefits that TEMPUR® Material brings too.

4. Several copy visco mattresses are available today, but they are not viscoelastic and do not have the density of the TEMPUR® Material or its durability of 10 years. The TEMPUR® open cell viscoelastic material moulds to the exact contours of your body, giving you maximum support and pressure relief where you need it most.

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