8th February 2019 | Tempur Material

Most people will be familiar with the term ‘memory foam’ – but how many are aware of its origins?

TEMPUR® have championed the memory foam movement since its inception, creating innovative products for the perfect night’s sleep.

As memory foam continues to grow in popularity around the world, we decided to take a look at the history of TEMPUR®, from the beginning to the present day, and how its unique memory foam material has been helping people to improve their quality of sleep.


In the early 1970s, NASA developed a special pressure-absorbing material to help cushion astronauts during lift-off. When TEMPUR® decided to use this unique temperature-sensitive material in mattresses, the rest was history.

The unique properties of the material NASA developed meant that it could easily adapt to any body shape, evenly distribute body weight, and balance body temperature – all ideal qualities for the difficult journey astronauts needed to get to space.

However, as fate would have it, these properties also made the material perfect for another, very different, purpose – mattresses! Some people would be surprised to find out that they are sleeping on a NASA mattress, but once its unique properties are explained, it makes total sense.


In the 1980s, NASA sold their special pressure-absorbing material to a group of scientists based in Europe, who worked for a decade to adapt the material for use in mattresses.

In 1991, TEMPUR® released the material to the public in the form of a memory foam mattress, which became an instant success, transforming the mattress market forever. TEMPUR® became so popular that it eventually expanded across North America in 2001, in addition to the Denmark base.

Although other companies began to release their own versions of the product, TEMPUR® was, and continues to be, the only company recognised by NASA and permitted to use the certified technology seal on their products by the US Space Foundation. To this date, only a few highly trained scientists know the top-secret formula behind TEMPUR® material.

TEMPUR® received praise for the interconnected, viscoelastic cell structure of its material, which redistributes weight, relieves painful areas of the body, and absorbs extra pressure, leading to a higher level of comfort and a more restful sleep. TEMPUR® mattresses also reduce motion transfer, meaning they work perfectly for people sharing a bed with a wriggly partner!


It doesn’t stop there – TEMPUR® continue to expand and develop their broad product range to create even more quality sleep products, including a range of pillows, mattress toppers, travel accessories and even cuddly toys.

TEMPUR® products are selected by renowned hotels and sleep centres globally for the comfort and support they offer. TEMPUR® UK was also rated number one by mattress owners for consumer satisfaction.

Their goal continues to be giving customers the best night’s sleep, offering different mattresses to suit particular body forms, sizes and preferences.

Recognised as the number one mattress brand worldwide, TEMPUR® continue to devise innovative ways of improving sleep quality with exciting new products, looking to the stars – and beyond.