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Our Current Prices

The prices for our catalogue ranges listed in the Mattresses, Beds, Pillows and Accessories Sections on this web site were most recently updated in June 2016.

The TEMPUR Winter Sale - Prices from 22nd Dec 2016

The ranges included in the TEMPUR Winter Sale have been advertised on tempur.com at the stated higher price between 7th Sep and 19th Oct 2016, 2nd Nov and 24th Nov 2016 and 29th Nov to 21st Dec 2016, except for standard pillows which could be purchased with a £30 discount code between 2nd Nov to 20th Nov 2016.

Our normal terms and conditions apply to any item purchased in the TEMPUR Winter Sale.

Special Buys

Items listed here represent exclusive special offers or clearance/limited stock ranges. The latter may not be repeated once stocks have been exhausted.