TEMPUR® Pillow Collections

Choosing the right pillow can improve how well your body is positioned at night and the quality of your sleep. The temperature sensitive material used in all TEMPUR pillows softens as it responds to your body heat, conforming to the natural curvature of your head and neck and offering optimal comfort and support. This enables you to relax and enjoy a more restful sleep.
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Specially Shaped Pillows

Ergonomic Pillows

Specially contoured to help align your neck, head and shoulders in a variety of sleeping positions, an ergonomic pillow will supply unsurpassed support and pressure relief, helping muscles relax completely for deeper more restful sleep. Whatever your needs TEMPUR has a pillow that is right for you.
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Traditional Pillows

Classic Pillows 

Only our design combines the pressure-relieving comfort of TEMPUR material with a classic rectangular shape, allowing you to fluff and puff your pillow just the way you like it. Each model has its own unique combination of cover and comfort level, and fits easily into a standard pillow case.
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Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows 

If you already have a TEMPUR pillow, we know you won’t want to leave home without it. So when you go on that well deserved break, or even just on business, you can take TEMPUR products, designed specifically to pack in a bag or hand luggage, away with you too.
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