Get excited for Christmas with the TEMPUR® Winter Sale

18th December 2020 | Sleep & Customer Satisfaction

Trees have been tinselled, houses adorned with flashing reindeers and Christmas tunes are playing on every radio station. The festive season is well underway and has brought with it the burst of cheer that we all need after this past year. Whilst Christmas and New Year aren’t going be the same as previous years, this is still likely to be a hectic and diverting month for many people. Sleeping right is crucial for getting through it.

TEMPUR® are here to help you do this, with their Winter Sale. From 17th December 2020 to 2nd January 2021 there are amazing savings to be made on the unbeatable TEMPUR® range, with reductions available on every product, from up to £500 or more off selected TEMPUR® mattresses to savings on pillowcases. So, read on to find out more about the offers available and give yourself the gift of sleep this Christmas.

Rest Easy on a TEMPUR® Mattress Topper

Whether it’s hours standing in the kitchen to prepare Christmas dinner or dancing in your living room on New Year’s Eve, the festive period can be surprisingly physically demanding. Sleeping right is important when it comes to caring for your body, and a mattress topper is a great way to boost the quality of your rest.

TEMPUR® Mattress Toppers are a great option for anyone looking to maximise the comfort and support offered by their current mattress. Filled with the innovative TEMPUR® Material, the topper can be placed on any mattress that’s in good condition and will vastly improve the sleep experience it provides. Save up to £100 when purchasing your TEMPUR® Mattress Topper in the Winter Sale.

Find the Right Place to Rest Your Head with TEMPUR® Pillows

Another crucial part of your sleep environment is your pillow. Your head and neck are hugely important, but delicate parts of your body and the strains of the festive period can have a negative effect. Supporting them as you sleep is therefore vital.

TEMPUR® Pillows are all crafted from layers of TEMPUR® Material, providing excellence in both comfort and support for your head and neck. In the Winter Sale, you can save up to £10 when buying your TEMPUR® Pillow. Further, you can be sure it’s the right one for you, as all pillows come with a 30-night home trial!

Perfect Your Sleep Environment with TEMPUR® Bed Bases

Any mattress is the central part of a wider sleep system but must be supported by other elements – most importantly a bed base. A well-ventilated bed base with a sturdy platform top or slats is needed to ensure maximum performance of your mattress.

TEMPUR® provide high-quality bed bases in a range of styles, from divan to ottoman. Offers on bed bases in the Winter Sale mean you can save up to £200 when purchasing your TEMPUR® Bed Base. Further, with the TEMPUR® Fabric Sampling Service you can ensure that your new bed base will match your bedroom décor and help to create the relaxing ambience needed to rest well this festive season.

Amazing Savings Through the TEMPUR® Outlet

The TEMPUR® Outlet is always the best place to find offers on TEMPUR® products, with exclusive savings all year round. In this year’s Winter Sale, incredible savings can be made on all products available on the TEMPUR® Outlet. There are even reductions of up to £1,000 on Outlet bed bases! These unmissable savings are a fantastic way to ensure a soothing night’s rest and give you the energy needed to fully enjoy the festive period.

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