TEMPUR® Sponsors Drops Le Col Cycling Team

5th February 2021 | TEMPUR Quality
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TEMPUR® is now a sponsor of women’s road cycling team Drops Le Col, a sign of their continuing commitment to helping athletes perform at the highest level. In providing the Drops Le Col team with premium sleep systems, TEMPUR® are ensuring they obtain the rest needed to compete and win.

Who are Drops Le Col?

Drops debuted in 2016 with the founding mission of helping all riders reach their full potential, regardless of age, experience and status. A focus on maintaining a happy and supportive environment has quickly made the Drops Le Col programme widely recognised as one of the most successful in the world.

Drops Le Col’s aim is to become the most exciting team on the road and they hope to compete as a Women’s World Tour team by 2022. Reaching this highest level of women’s professional cycling is a goal the team believes they can achieve with the support of TEMPUR®. As Bob Varney, Drops Le Col Team Director, said:

“Having additional support from Le Col and TEMPUR® not only ensures our riders have the highest quality performance kit on the bike, but also the highest quality support off the bike. Our collective thoughts are focused on building these exciting partnerships further to gain world tour status in 2022.”

Why is TEMPUR® Supporting the Drops Le Col Team?

TEMPUR® has a long history of supporting athletes, including tennis legend Serena Williams and Olympic cyclist Callum Skinner. They are great fitness role models for all and are therefore natural allies in TEMPUR®’s mission to ensure health through high-quality sleep.

Partnering with Drops Le Col is a natural continuation of these previous collaborations and shows TEMPUR®’s dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of their customers and the wider public.

Tobin James, Vice President of TEMPUR® Northern Europe, summarised TEMPUR®’s motivation to sponsor the Drops Le Col team:

“We are delighted to be a part of the Drops Le Col journey for this very exciting season. We are passionate about cycling not only as a sport, but as a sustainable way of travelling and improving health and wellbeing.”

How Will TEMPUR® Help?

TEMPUR® are proud to be providing the Drops Le Col team with mattresses and pillows to sleep on at home, as well as TEMPUR® products for sleeping better when travelling. This will maximise the sleep quality of the team and provide the support they need to succeed on the road.

As Tobin James said:

“TEMPUR® products will help the riders sleep better, longer, deeper, and we feel privileged to be able to do our bit in promoting women’s cycling and women’s sport more generally. With consistent wins and huge potential, Drops Le Col’s vision for the future is both compelling and motivating, and we are looking forward to accompanying the team on the road to the world tour.”

How Will TEMPUR® Mattresses and Pillows Benefit Drops Le Col?

The benefits of TEMPUR®’s mattresses and pillows are rooted in their history and development. Originally created for healthcare purposes, every TEMPUR® product is crafted from the innovative TEMPUR® Material, which was designed by NASA for use in space. This means every TEMPUR® mattress and pillow moulds to your body, giving support without compromising your comfort.

TEMPUR® have built on this past excellence to create a range of products that offer a peaceful and healthy night’s rest to all. Having this exceptional sleep equipment will mean the Drops Le Col team rest in beds that allow their bodies to recover from hard days of training and competing, putting them in the best position possible to succeed.

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