Soft feel mattresses are luxurious and supportive too. There are other factors to consider before you make your final choice, including your shape, weight, favourite sleeping position and personal preference. This is why we offer a 100 night trial to help you find your perfect fit from the TEMPUR® mattress collections. Click on each image below to see all size options available.

We have 1 products to choose from
We have 1 products to choose from
We have 1 products to choose from
Soft Firm
With TEMPUR® Extra Soft Material
This mattress is 25cm deep
Soft zip off cover, washable at 60°C
Handy Quick Refresh™ top cover
No turning, low maintenance
Or as low as £43.46 per month (0% APR)
From £1,159.00
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Why a soft mattress?

Often, we are told by clients, soft mattresses are bad for you. At TEMPUR® this is certainly not the case! Our research and development team have spent many years working to ensure our soft feel mattresses are not only deeply comfortable, but also have the underlying support and pressure relieving properties synonymous with TEMPUR® Material. Here are some things you might like to consider before you make your final decision.

Sleeping position

If you are a side sleeper, then a soft feel mattress offers less resistance against all the key pressure points. It cradles your body while providing gentle pressure relief where you need it.

Sleeper frame size and body weight

In the case of a the lighter a person, it is likely they will experience quality sleep for longer on a softer mattress as opposed to a firm one. There is no hard and fast industry guidance. If a person weighs 10 stone or less, then a softer mattress is likely to provide better comfort and support. This does not mean to say, however, that people with larger frames cannot sleep well in a softer bed.

Ultimately it all comes down to what you like, which is why when you order online, direct from TEMPUR®, we offer you the chance to take our 100 night mattress trial. Love it or send it back!

Your pillow

Your pillow is just as important as the rest of your bed and is often forgotten. If your neck and shoulders are not aligned and comfortable, you may still not achieve restful sleep. Filled with pressure relieving TEMPUR® Material, we offer you a choice of styles ranging from classic rectangular pillows, to ergonomic shaped ones. All are designed to offer optimal head and neck support. Take our 30 night pillow trial to find out which one helps you to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

More hints and tips

To be sure you select the correct sized mattress, view our Mattress and Bed Size Guide.

For enhanced sleep quality, it is important to support your mattress with the right kind of bed base. For tips and information, view our guide to Choosing the Right Bed Base.