What Are Sleep Pods?

11th February 2022 | Sleep and Customer Satisfaction
Sleep Pods

While falling asleep at work is not typically considered to be a good thing, over the years a growing number of companies are embracing the benefits of taking naps at work. With sleep deprivation being one of the biggest issues affecting sleep in 2021, with tens of thousands of people regularly sleeping less than seven and a half hours a night and thousands of employees reporting workplace fatigue. With these rising stats on workplace fatigue, businesses are starting to offer their employees places to rest. These can take the place of a nap room with comfortable beds, but some companies have started using nap pods or sleep pods.


What are Sleep Pods?

Sleep pods are large pieces of furniture meant to offer people the quiet, comfortable privacy they need to take a refreshing nap in a busy work environment. Some versions also provide timers and speakers for calming music. Most nap pods follow one of two designs. The first resembles Japan’s capsule hotels, with individual bed-sized compartments for nappers. These pods usually have a mattress and a pillow and allow people to have a lie down. The second style pairs a comfortable, ergonomic C-shaped lounger with a large dome that covers the head for darkness and privacy. While less like a traditional bed, these loungers have a zero-gravity design that is more comfortable to sleep in than a conventional recliner.


How do Sleep Pods Work?

Unless you’re so tired that just resting your head on your desk will lull you into sleep, it can be difficult to nap in hectic environments like the workplace. Nap pods offer several features that may make it easier for employees to nap during the workday.


Low Light Environment

Exposure to bright lights plays a significant role in preventing us from falling asleep. Thankfully nap pods have translucent windows and dims lights, preventing bright lights from stopping you getting your rest.


Ergonomic support

Nap pods contain high quality mattresses which are designed to give you support while you sleep, preventing you from getting a sore back or neck.



Many people find that a 20-minute nap helps to make them feel refreshed and alert. Sleep pods can assist with this by using a quiet wake up timer, using a combination of vibrations and soft sounds to wake sleepers up.


Soothing sounds

Some nap pods use speakers that produce white nose, which can help people to fall asleep in noisy or busy environments. This may not be a feature that all nap pods can provide, but it is a great feature nonetheless.


Where can you find them?

If you feel tempted to try out one of these sleep pods, you’re in luck! There are many companies that offer sleep pods around the UK and many of them offer sleeping pods in London.

So, what are you waiting for!? Try this new revolutionary way of getting rest and relaxation today!

Have you had the opportunity to use a sleep pod? Are you tempted to try it? Share your thoughts below…


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