TEMPUR® Original Deluxe Mattress 22

TEMPUR® Original Deluxe Mattress 22

The TEMPUR Original Deluxe Mattress 22 incorporates all the key core values of superior comfort and support with the added benefit of TEMPUR soft-touch quilted into a stylish new sumptuous cover for a more luxurious feeling.

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TEMPUR® Original Deluxe Mattress 22
    TEMPUR® Original Deluxe Mattress 22

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Product Description


TEMPUR® Original Deluxe Mattress 22


The TEMPUR Original Deluxe 22 delivers the core benefits of TEMPUR - outstanding comfort and support for the whole body.  As the TEMPUR material moulds to your body shape you relax, so while you sleep tossing and turning is reduced.  The Original Deluxe 22 has the added benefit of TEMPUR soft-touch quilted into a new stylish plush cover for a more luxurious feeling.  All this is designed to help you to get the rest you need.  The stylish soft fabric cover also meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. This means it has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health.


Now available in special sizes: small double (120cm x 190cm), long small double (120cm x 200cm), long double (135cm x 200cm) and euro king (160cm x 200cm). These options are made and shipped to order. Extended lead times will apply. Allow up to 10-12 weeks for delivery of these specific items. Please note: our 60 night trial is not available on special sizes, custom made or bespoke mattresses.




  • The Original Deluxe 22 provides a supportive, firmer feel*
  • 15 year limited guarantee
  • This mattress is 22cm deep
  • Available online in all UK standard sizes.  For bespoke requirements please contact us direct
  • No turning over required, regular rotation head to foot will ensure more even usage
  • Can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustable or standard frames with slats or platform tops
  • Softer formula TEMPUR material is quilted into the soft fabric cover for extra comfort 
  • Cover is removable for airing and may be gently brushed with a soft clothes brush to freshen up as required
  • Cover also meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. It has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health
  • Ultra thin TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector recommended to keep your bed fresh and clean (optional)
  • Luxury soft jersey cotton TEMPUR-FIT™ Fitted Sheets also available (optional)
  • As part of our home delivery service, this item will be unwrapped and placed on your bed base
  • *For detailed product specifications click on the 'Product Details' tab

    All mattress measurements are approximate.  Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm.

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Optimising Your TEMPUR Mattress: Choosing the right bed base

Of course we can offer you a wide choice of bed frames and bases, ranging from classic divans or ottomans with practical storage solutions alongside stylish frames, both standard and adjustable. All have been designed to optimise the performance of your TEMPUR Mattress. Whatever you decide to do, to ensure you make the right choice here are some points to help you.


TEMPUR Mattresses work best


With a platform top base With a slatted base Not with a spring base


  • TEMPUR Mattresses must always be placed on a well-ventilated bed base or frame
  • Bases with sturdy platform tops or slats (no more than 130mm apart) work best in terms of support and airing, check everything is level before you put your mattress on to use
  • *We do not recommend you place your new TEMPUR Mattress on a spring bed base unless it is under 5 years old and in good condition. It is vital support for your mattress is level and free of dips or hollows which can occur from prior use
  • We also recommend when making up your bed, you do not use a valance between your mattress and chosen bed base as this can restrict air flow to your mattress


We know this is a big decision so if you need it, here are the sizes and weights of all the models in this range so you can be sure you've match your mattress with the perfect bed base:


TEMPUR Mattresses work
best with adjustable or
standard bed frames with
slats or platform tops
Standard sizes Special single sizes
mainly used on adjustable
bed bases
Original Deluxe 22 Single Double King Super king Small single Long single
Approximate weight (in kgs) after packaging has been
27.82 41.67 48.71 57.52 24.42 28.83


TEMPUR Mattresses work
best with adjustable or
standard bed frames with
slats or platform tops
Special sizes long small double and long double
are mainly used on adjustable, European or
American sized bed bases
Other bespoke options are available
Tempur store
Original Deluxe 22 Small double Long small
Long double Euro king
Approximate weight (in kgs)
after packaging has been
37.05 39.00 43.85 51.95


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 Caring for your TEMPUR Mattress


You are investing in TEMPUR for the long term. Here are some practical tips to get the most from your mattress:


Turning your mattress



No turn symbol

All TEMPUR Mattresses are no turn! No heavy lifting is involved because you don't need to flip our mattresses over! Each model is constructed in layers so you sleep on the top side only. To prolong the life of our products, from time to time you can rotate your mattress head to foot. Advances in TEMPUR technology have resulted in keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Mattress cover care and cleaning


All our current range of mattresses have zipped removable covers. Below are details of how to care for this range:


Cover composition: Top - 98% polyester, 2% elastane, sides and base - 100% polyester.


Because this mattress cover has TEMPUR material embedded within it, you must not attempt to launder or clean it.


If you wish, however, you may unzip and remove the cover for airing from time to time. Light brushing with a soft clothes brush may also help to freshen it up.


It is also possible to purchase a replacement cover if you need one. Just contact our Customer Services team directly for a quotation. These items are made separately to order and may take up to 12 weeks for delivery.


Maintaining TEMPUR Material


Tempur material image

Upon removal of the mattress cover you may find a thin layer of stocking type material. Do not remove this layer. It is an important part of your mattress.


Please do not attempt to wash, sponge or dry clean the mattress itself. Doing so will invalidate your product guarantee. There is a high possibility you will cause irreversible damage, destroying the benefits of comfort and support which the patented TEMPUR material provides.


In the event after removing the cover there are signs of stains or soiling on the mattress surface, you can wipe it over carefully using clean water on a well wrung cloth (free from chemicals and detergents, and no wetter than a baby wipe). This may help to remove or reduce marks. Allow the mattress to air and dry thoroughly before replacing the cover. We recommend the use of a TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector to keep your bed clean and fresh.

Tempur-fit Mattress Protector

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 Country of Origin and Safety Information


Danish flag

Made in Denmark.

This item contains PU foam fillings which conform to Schedule 1 Part I test. This item contains fabrics which pass the appropriate test specified in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. This item does not include a Schedule 3 interliner.

Carelessness causes fires, avoid open flames. Smoking in bed is strongly discouraged.


Fire and No Smoking symbols



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Product Details

Available Sizes and Pricing
    Single (90cm x 190cm) £1,599.00
    Double (135cm x 190cm) £2,199.00
    King (150cm x 200cm) £2,549.00
    Super king (180cm x 200cm) £2,899.00
    Small single (75cm x 200cm) £1,425.00
    Long single (90cm x 200cm) £1,599.00
    Special size: 120cm x 190cm £2,099.00
    Special size: 120cm x 200cm £2,099.00
    Special size: 135cm x 200cm £2,199.00
    Special size: 160cm x 200cm £2,749.00
  • Original
Comfort level
  • Firmer feel
    • Summary
    • • This mattress is 22cm deep
    • • TEMPUR material supports your body in its most comfortable position, reducing tossing and turning during your sleep
    • • TEMPUR support layer - soft where you want it and firm where you need it
    • • Softer formula TEMPUR quilted into the Deluxe 22 cover for added comfort
    • • The soft material cover is easily removed for airing
    • • The cover also meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. It has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health
    • • The Original Deluxe Mattress 22 can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustables or bed frames with slats (not more than 130mm apart) or platform tops
Cover composition
  • Top: 98% polyester, 2% elastane, sides and base: 100% polyester
Cover care instructions
  • Removable for airing only. This item must not be washed or dry cleaned.
Product specifications
Comfort layer
  • 1.5cm of TEMPUR soft-touch embedded within the quilted cover, plus 3cm TEMPUR soft-touch comfort layer
Support layer
  • 6.5cm TEMPUR support layer
Base layer
  • 11cm durable base layer
Non slip base cover
  • Yes

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